NEWW Interview ~WITH~ Alan Evans of Rival Angels


Networking. That’s the name of the game at any con, and though many did not see NEWW as a convention of any sort, the budding creators and hopeful artists in attendance took every opportunity to hand out samples and talk up their works-in-progress. 

Through the power of the NEWW forums, I found myself one such man, a man who was in need of a carpool. That man turned out to be Alan Evans, creator of Rival Angels, the web’s first and only comic about female wrestlers (and not in a pervy way). Alan and I hung out through the course of the weekend, crawling from pub to pub on Friday night (where the most I drank was two glasses of water the bartender graciously provided to cool down my order of steaming hot french fries) and meeting up periodically throughout Saturday to trade stories of meetings and panels.

Rival Angels fills a niche that I didn’t even know needed to be filled and so we can all thank Alan for that! Stop by the site where he’s got a good NEWW wrap-up underway (and you can even see what I look like in real life!) and stay for the feminine beauty and intense rivalries!


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