Make Your Vote Webcomics ~IN~ The 2009 Harvey Awards

This has unfortunately fallen off the radar for us around the Digital Strips offices, but that could partly be attributed to last year’s webcomic Harvey going to a top-notch strip that hasn’t updated in at least a year’s time. 


Still, that’s why you, yes YOU, need to get on the stick and get your Harvey ballot out before midnight on Friday. Go to and get either your PDF or text file and fill that sucker out! Professional is such a lenient term these days that you can probably mention the strip you do (because, let’s face it, you ALL do strips now) and get your ballot seen by the proper eyes.

Everyone is mentioning their own nominees, from David Malki touting his first Dark Horse produced collection, Beards of Our Forefathers, to Scott Kurtz requesting that the webcomics love be dispersed to the well-deserving women of webcomics who have really blown up in the last year.

Both Kurtz and Malki are also quick to nominate the Halfpixel-produced How to Make Webcomics in the Best Biographical, Historical, or Journalistic Presentation category. Ryan Sohmer also throws his and buddy Lar DeSouza’s hats into the ring as well, so with so many great names in the running, it really will be hard to choose.

But that’s why you have to get out there and do your part! Together, we can make sure these awards go to the right recipients!


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