NEWW Interview ~WITH~ Paul Southworth


I’m not sure what the creators of webcomics are used to in terms of interviewing style, but the one I employed at NEWW sure ain’t it. I won’t say it was Michael Moore-esque, but guerilla tactics were utilized to get what I needed. Case in point, my hallway rendezvous with Paul Southworth, formerly of Ugly Hill and currently of… well, that’s still a mystery, isn’t it?

As I figured might be the case, it’s hard to track down people when you have little idea what they look like (sure, Southworth has a Twitter icon, but who in webcomics DOESN’T have dark hair and a goatee?). I was forced to rely on my auditory skills during those first few hours to pick up on the recognizable names and put them together with the correct faces. In short, I saw Paul early on and THOUGHT it was him but waited for confirmation from a colleague before pouncing.

Luckily, Mr. Southworth (or is that your father’s name?) was gracious enough to indulge my curiosities, even going as far as to drop a clue about who he might be collaborating with next (his first, as the interview tells it). So listen in and see if your deductive powers can crack the code!

Also, yes, guerilla tactics sometime lead to collateral damage, heard here in the form of a wee boy who went trotting by during the interview. Do as we did; chuckle and move on.


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