NEWW Interview ~WITH~ Angela Melick of Wasted Talent


This interview represents my favorite story of the weekend. Were I a documentarian and had I been filming things, this girl’s story is the one I would have focused on.

Angela Melick is fairly new to the webcomics scene, though not webcomics. Her strip, Wasted Talent, has been around for about four years, though it was only within the last year and a half or so that she really started getting the word out about her work. An engineer by trade, Melick one day decided to really give the comics thing a go and so, she arrived at the first ever New England Webcomics Weekend. 

Thus began the schmoozing, and the networking, and the making of friends. Her bubbly personality and down-to-earth sensibility wore down even the blackest of hearts (I’ll name no names, but form your own conclusions). Before too long, after arriving on Friday afternoon, Melick had gained many new webcomics friends and it seemed she had smoothly and seamlessly integrated herself into the community.

But then, things took a terrible turn, and it would never be the same for Angela Melick.

…nah! A tragic twist would certainly make this moment more dramatic, but there’s really no need for one. Angela was thrilled to meet all the creators she’d traded IMs, Tweets, and e-mails with and I couldn’t help but be happy for her. So check out her stuff at Wasted Talent and also check out the Canadian-bred collective, Cloudscape Comics, of which Angela is a part.

UPDATE: And no, she did NOT call me Justin in the closing moment. I swear she did too, but she insists I simply misheard.


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