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I never said I’d be good at these. I want you guys to all remember that.Lightning Lady

The Comic: Evil Inc

The Creator: Brad Guigar with colors by Ed Ryzowski

The URL:

The Verdict: Keeper-for-now

I started following Evil-Inc back when it debuted in full color a while back. I was familiar with Guigar’s work from Greystone Inn and other projects but this was the first time I really took a real look at it. I was not disappointed. This strip has a great premise that really speaks to a comics geek like myself. Just the idea of an all-powerful corporation, employing all the world’s most dangerous villains being run by the cast of your average office sitcom makes me happier than I can describe.

The art is solid. The characters are all well designed and hold together well. The aforementioned color really makes everything pop all the more and makes an already enjoyable picture all the more so.

Like all gag-a-day strips out there, some days are stronger than others, but the over all quality is still good. I usually at least grin to myself in a very pleased way.

All that being said, it’s still not a comic I’m passionate about. If there’s ever a link in the daily section of my comics bookmarks that I just forget to hit, it’s this one. I can’t really figure out why though. I think it’s the pacing, it takes a long time for some of the story lines to finish. This is really sort of a nitpick for me, but that’s what ya’ll come here for isn’t.

Evil Inc is becoming like Beetle Bailey in the comics page I read as a kid (I’m not comparing them in quality, EI is much better than BB. And Lightning Lady is way hotter than Miss Buxley). It’s not the driving force in my decision to pick up the paper, but I’m glad it’s there.

And of course, every week or so Guigar totally nails one out of the park. And that’s more than St. Snorkel ever did.


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