Send Me Your Questions ~FOR~ Webcomics Weekend

If you live on the East Coast, then like me, you’ve found that March has indeed rushed in like a fierce, untamed lion. This also means that we are less than two weeks away from the biggest webcomics gathering ever!

As I will be the sole representative for DS at Webcomics Weekend (that pre-reg craziness didn’t bode too well for people who aren’t online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) I’ve decided to put that full-access pass to the biggest names in webcomics to good use. Click over to the guest list at the NEWW site and see which creator you’d like to pin down to ask a few questions.

Shoot ’em to me, either at, or in the comments section below, and I’ll make sure to corner them until I get the dirt. It’s all for you, webcomics faithful, so get those questions in and let’s see how many people we can collectively make quite uncomfortable in the span of a weekend.

Asking questions? Tough. Getting the right creator? More research required.

I will make sure to ask the tough questions… they just might not be to the right people.


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