The Web Comic Enema Continues with You’ll Have That

The next comic in my list is a sad one. Not “My mom ran over my dog today” kind of sad or even “we’re out of ice cream” sad. This is more of a “My best friend got a really hot girl friend” kind of sad. I’m happy for the comic, there’s just no place for me in its life anymore.


The Comic: You’ll Have That

The Creator: Wes Molebash

The URL:

The Verdict: Honorable Discharge

Not too much I can say about You’ll Have That that hasn’t already been said. It was great. Now it’s over. I’m sad about that, but I’m tired of skipping over the link every morning. It’s time for me to move on.

If you’ve never read YHT, go read it now. If you tried reading it in the past and have since found yourself in a serious relationship, go read it now. Molebash took the slice of life, it’s funny because it’s true, relationship comic genre and mad it his own. Andy and Katie are such realistic characters, I feel like I actually know them. And unlike the characters at QC, I wouldn’t feel intimidated going up to them at a party or something.

Molebash has decided to delay his next comic endeavor to let it mature for a bit. Since mature is one of the first words I think of when I think of YHT (and not the immature kind of mature like the comics with giraffe’s with boobies) I’m sure this can only be a good decision. If not a heart breaking one.


4 thoughts on “The Web Comic Enema Continues with You’ll Have That

  1. A series about culling your webcomic reading list is interesting, and I enjoying the first one. A post about purging a dead comic from the list, not so much.

  2. I agree culling a reading list is interesting, but if it’s not about the forensics of purging dead comics, then what is it about, just a fig-leaf for talking about non-dead comics? I appreciate that The Geek is taking the idea seriously.

    Not sure I agree though that because a webcomics creator declares a break, he should therefore be stricken from the rolls! Just get an RSS reader and slowly updated webcomics are no longer an annoyance because they stay completely out of your way until there is an *actual update*. What Molebash’s hiatus announcement deserves is an RSS subscription — not an excommunication. Especially if you like it as much as you seem to. 8)

  3. Bengo: I thought of this as more of a belated final goodbye for one of my favorite strips. A small tribute more than anything else. There will be more hard hitting posts later.

    DBL: You’ll Have that isn’t on hiatus, it’s done. When he comes back it’ll be a totally new strip. That’s why the honorable discharge. His new strip will have to earn it’s place just like any other.

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