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Opportunity knocks: The Daily Cross Hatch is looking for some guest strips.

At Robot 6, JK Parkin interviews Thom Zahler, creator of Love and Capes.

Blog@Newsarama chats with Dean Haspiel, the prolific creator of Immortal, Fear, My Dear, Street Code, and a heap of other stuff.

And Jennifer Contino talks to Mike Dawson about Jack & Max Escape from the End of Time at The Pulse.

Larry Cruz has a thorough discussion of characters at the Webcomic Overlook.

NYCC reports continue to trickle in. At Wednesday’s Child, Paul DeBenedetto recounts the Comics and New Media panel, which apparently consisted entirely of people associated with A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge. It’s a great comic, but Paul was disappointed by the panel.

Literary webcomics: Tom Gauld does pithy, colorful little drawings based on letters to the Guardian Saturday Review letters page. Many are cutely enigmatic, made more so by the fact that he doesn’t reproduce the letters they refer to. (Thanks to Derik Badman, via Twitter.)

Valentine’s Day is over, but it’s not too late to savor Kate Beaton’s historical romantic funnies.

And President’s Day is behind us too, but President Awesome, Dean Trippe and Evan Bryce’s webcomic about President Barack Obama, is just getting started. (Found via Robot 6.)

I don’t know how long this is going to be up, but Marvel has posted a free, six-page comic, Gettysburg Distress, in which Spider-Man and Captain America travel back in time to hang out with Honest Abe. (You’ll probably have to register in order to read this.)

If this sort of thing floats your boat, CBR has all of issue 1 of Black Terror up at their site.


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