Digital Strips 155 – Review: The Order of Tales

Digital Strips 155

We’re without Brigid this time but what could have easily devolved into a pit of naming calling a fart noises turned out instead to be a total love fest. Not towards each other mind you, that would be gross. Rather instead we focus out affection on Evan Dahm’s amazing web comic Order of Tales.

This is the first time – as far as I know – that we’ve hit a second strip by the same creator, but Dahm deserves all the love we can shower on him. Listen to Episode 127 to find out more.

As a comparison we also talk a bit about another strip from the past, Lackadaisy.


Also as a side note, it took me so long to edit this show that there’s actually 211 pages now, not 204. And I one point in the show I say Lackadaisy is part of Koala Wallop, which it is not. I was thinking of Dresden Codak, which is. My bad.


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