Say what you will about Scott McCloud…

…this speech is pretty sweet.

Of course I’m a huge nerd and get a huge kick out of this kind of stuff.

Thanks be unto Scott Johnson for posting this on his site first.


5 thoughts on “Say what you will about Scott McCloud…

  1. Very cool stuff. I saw some of Zot Online stuff where he experimented with flow and space and now I know where he got it all from. I might check out his book “Understanding Comics” now.

  2. grifter: it’s actually a really interesting book. Well at least the third that I actually read was. I had a bunch of other stuff to read and the time and it sort fell to the bottom of the pool.

    mpd: what do you mean?

  3. new ideas man.
    most webcomics are nothing more than a traditional page displayed on a computer screen.

    if you read mccloud’s books first and come to webcomics later you’ll be filled with hope for new horizons like i was.

    then you might find a few that truly utilize the space provided but most of em don’t.

    definitely read the mccloud books.

  4. I agree that format wise, most web comics would work just fine on print. I’m not as torn up about it for several reasons, the biggest of which is I don’t think of new formatting to be the biggest new idea the Web can offer comics.

    In my mind, the big change that the Web has brought comics, the true revolution of the whole thing, is that it’s given the power to the people. Now anyone, even Jason, can create comics. Tell stories. Share their lives with the world.

    To me the ability to find comics from people I never could before and to truly connect with those people is a much better use of the computer monitor than infinite canvas.

    Maybe when we’ve gotten use to this great leap forward we’ll start working on the next one.

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