CNN Asks ~DO YOU~ Read Your Comics On Newsprint?

I kick off the 2009 bloggin’ year (what? It’s still January) with a post about what else? Other people talking about webcomics that I would also like to comment on.

This instance is a very special one, however, as it’s the folks over at who are asking the age-old question, “Where do you read your comics?” See, many people still insist on getting their strip fix in the good ol’ fashioned Funnies section of their local paper (primer: A large, printed daily blog with a record of all the local goings-on). Why they feel they must, when the Funnies section typically doesn’t live up to its name, is a concept those who have made the digital transition can’t comprehend.

Me? I read the Funnies religiously when I was a child. Flipping to the last page of our tiny, little local paper with a heaping bowl of ice cream was sometimes the highlight of my day. But lonely childhood memories aside (He-Man and his crew NEVER talked back to me…) the nichiness of the webcomic market is where its at for my broad tastes. General gags like Dagwood’s immaturity and (honestly, at this point, I couldn’t come up a second one) are fine and dandy to an adolescent mind who knows nothing of the nuances and details in our society. But eventually, everyone grows up, and with them, their tastes in entertainment media.

Of particular interest to me are the comments from both camps, with some singing the praises of Peanuts and Cathy and others informing their compatriots about webcomics like Least I Could Do and Goats. If you have anything to add to this conversation, or if you just enjoy watching it from the sidelines, you need to go check out this comments thread now.


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