Web-Comic Book Round-Up ~WITH~ Wonderella

It might be the larger-than-usual amount in my PayPal account, but it seems that there are a lot of webcomic books coming out these days.  Every day, my Inbox is filled with more reminders of yet another printed edition coming out, and unfortunately, most of them are already my Favorites.

Wonderella Copyright 2008 Justin Pierce

Among those is the dreadfully deprecating, barely superheroic The Non-Adventures of Wonderella by Justin Pierce, one of the most offensive and biting looks into the world of superheroes ever produced.  I’ll pull straight from the website for a list of the features contained in this, the first (hopefully of many) Wonderella book:

  • The first 99 FULL-COLOR Wonderella comics!
  • Every comic’s tooltip alt-text!
  • Three original comics not seen on the site!
  • The Wonderella Drinking Game!
  • Plus: Bonus Subterfuge! Since a good sum of Wonderella’s readers aren’t “comic book fans” in the Green Lantern sense, I have dedicated the back of the book to Vino Vidi Vici: The On-the-go Guide To Wines. Flip it over when guests, dates or in-laws stop by and they’ll be none the wiser (Don’t worry, nobody actually reads coffee table books).

While it’s not clear which, if any, of these features are real, I can guarantee the book will be worth the purchase price of finding out.  Pre-order your copy today and join the many lucky readers who have already done so!  As Pierce says:

Millions of thanks to everyone who pre-ordered. I’ll notify in this very space once all pre-orders have been signed and sent. My apologies to those who wanted to buy multiple copies when I provided no functionality to do so. Over the coming days I will fiddle with the fiddlier bits of Paypal to make this a reality, as I continue to catch up with online commerce circa 2003.


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