LOLing ~WITH~ Midnight

I have neglected K.C. Green’s Horribleville for too long. For whatever reason, it resides at the bottom of my Favorites sidebar and so I regularly forget to check it. Could be because it doesn’t update as regularly as others, but whatever.

My point is that, when I do check it, it is chock full of WIN. InterWin. As an example, check out the current strip, of which I’ve posted the most… intriguing panel of below: (NSFW, if you’re offended by back-nudity)

Horribleville Copyright 2008 KC Green


2 thoughts on “LOLing ~WITH~ Midnight

  1. yase. it is full of “WIN.” and not just regular win but it is the much superior “InterWin.” why don’t you go back to 2005 and post on 4chan or whatever and leave serious webcomic discourse to others.

  2. This comic is a good example of one where the art has gotten better and better. I love seeing comics that strive to improve themselves get favorable mention.

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