Partially Clips Gives You ~MORE~ Clip Art Funnies

You know, if this was like a traditional publishing venture and our Editor-In-Chief was actually paid more Image Copyright Robert T. Balder 2008than us lowly bloggers, I would have to stage a coup. After all, when talking about webcomics, you’d like your leader to know more than you about the subject.

So Brigid, fearless leader, this post is for you.

In the vein of clip art funnies like Wondermark and Dinosaur Comics, today we find PartiallyClips, by Robert T. Balder. Like the other clip art-based webcomics out there, Clips is done entirely with artwork that he himself had no hand in creating. Don’t believe me? Ask Balder:

I write PartiallyClips and I put it together graphically, but I do not draw it. I use royalty-free clip art, and you will quickly notice that the same piece of art is used without modification in each of the three frames. I sometimes get compliments on my art, and I never know how to respond. One guy even invited me to illustrate his book…on stupidity.

See? So with very little effort in the art department, it falls to the skills of a sharp writer to keep things afloat. Luckily, like Dinosaur Comics and Wondermark, Balder is more than capable in this regard. It’s a tall order when the artwork doesn’t change from panel to panel, but the dry humor usually has a large build-up (LOTS of dialogue to get through) with a punchline that is, eight times out of ten, worth the wait.

If you already read Wondermark, this makes for a nice companion strip as the two are very similar, almost eerily so, in both tone and timing. So much so that it begs the question, which came first, Wondermark, or PartiallyClips? Regardless of the answer, both are worthy enough to warrant a read, with Wondermark offering older-style, Victorian etchings and PartiallyClips running the gamut of modern clip art. Give them both a look and add them to your pull list today!


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