Web Comic-Book Round Up ~WITH~ Brinkerhoff: Pocket Full of Brink, Vol. 2

It’s time to spend another volume’s worth of sharp, biting, voracious comedy with Brinkerhoff and the entire gang!  Brinkerhoff: Pocket Full of Brink: Vol. 2 is now available for purchase at Lulu.com.

This is the best way to get in on the funny if you still haven’t checked out the hilarious antics of Brink, Karen, Hank, Brink’s mom… Mom, Mark, and many others that I’m sure will be updated on the cast page soon!  And even if you have, who doesn’t like owning things they’ve read online?  The sense of entitlement is worth the purchase price alone!

Here’s a few words from Brink creator, Gabe Strine, about the second collection:

Watch as Brinkerhoff faces speed dating, coping with the death of a coworker, losing out on love to the messiah, and more in a conveniently-sized collection of caliginous comedy.

And here’s even more!

Is workplace harassment, a bar fight, jail time, and divorce enough to keep a good rabbit down? Apparently not, but there’s more where that came from as our boy Brinkerhoff continues to try to get his life back on track. This collection features comics #101-200 of the comic strip originally published at www.brinkcomic.com.

Go own one today!


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