Nuts and Sticks

I was hoping to have a new show editing for you wonderful people, but I sneezed and when my eyes that had closed involuntarily had opened again the day was mostly gone. Here instead are two more reasons to love Web comics.

Bear Nuts: I found this comic the other day using the aptly named Project Wonderful. The strip is still in it’s infancy so it’ll be a while before it’s got enough of an archive that we can talk about it for 20 minutes, but so far it is a true joy to read. The amazingly full colored strip follows the misadventures of nine Care Bears gone wrong. They’re crude, they’re rude and they’ll spit in your food. It’s very Happy Tree Friends in it’s cute gone wrong angle but I think there’s a lot more potential here for some strong character development. I’ve enjoyed the 13 strips so far and can’t wait for more. The only bad thing I have to say is “get a better frickin url.” Seriously it took me forever to realize there were three “o”s in it.

Order of the Stick: I cannot express how much you need to be reading this strip. I know it’s got a huge archive. I know some of the jokes aren’t funny if you’ve (like me) never rolled a dice with more than six sides. But seriously, it’s worth it. The current strip reminded me just how much of a master Rich Burlew is at what he does. Seriously. Any man who can make you care this much for a minor character, a very minor character, deserves all the praise in the world. Well done Mr. Burlew, well done.


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