It’s That Time Of Year Again… ~IT’S~ Ryan Estrada Day!

Below, the comprehensive list of all Ryan Estrada Day comics that I’ve found thus far. Enjoy!

You’ll Have That

Pictures for Sad Children


Project: Rooftop


The Guest Strip Project

The PC Weenies

Joe and Monkey

Astronaut Elementary

Cow and Buffalo

Silent Kimbly

Dresden Codak

Update: Alright, Estrada, you’ve had your fun. Too much fun, in fact. There’s no way anyone can find all of these in one day! No one with a life, that is.

What’s this? This just in: Gary Tyrrell has done it over at Fleen! Go on, run over there to check them all out, I’ll turn so I don’t see you leave.

Update 2: To cap off the event, as he did last year, Estrada himself is hosting all of the strips on his own site, so now you don’t even have to put forth any effort to check them all out.  Lucky you.


2 thoughts on “It’s That Time Of Year Again… ~IT’S~ Ryan Estrada Day!

  1. Oh. And here are 8 others –




    Scary Go Round:




    Skin Horse:

    …I’ll stop there for now. But yeah, this is pretty cool, haha – I’m discovering all sorts of cool comics just by following links on different webcomics’ sites, searching for Ryanstrips, heh heh.

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