Guest Strips Are For Pansies ~BY~ Welton Colbert

Ryan Estrada. It seems just when the Internet might be ready to forget about the adored, web-cartooning Welton Colbert Copyright Ryan Estrada 2008. Image provided by ComixTalk.god, he comes back with another one-two punch to knock these Webs out cold.

Enter Estrada-created critic and all-round curmudgeon, Welton Colbert, who has a few things to say about guest strips. My favorite line in the whole rant against the lazy practice of handing over your creation to someone else while you’re on vacation is this:

But geez, if you’re all that hard up for a day off, why not just let one artist draw everyone’s comics, and then everybody can play hooky.

Hey Welton!  Might want to peer back up at the man holding the digital pen before you toss out any more nuggets of wisdom.

Read the full strip at ComixTalk and keep a vigilant eye out: word has it this is yet another of Estrada’s Guest Comic Marathons and your favorite strip could be next!


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