Standing (Sitting, Actually) In Awe ~OF~ David Malki!

Wondermark is not hand-drawn, this you know. It is cobbled together, and quite masterfully, I must note, through various pieces of clip art from the olden days of yore. Because of this, the writing is typically the main focus, leaving one to wonder whether or not creator David Malki! could cut it when put up against the best artists in webcomics.

After today’s update, I believe we can all agree that yes, he could. Scope the sketches below and click to see the whole thing on Malki!’s site. Not only is the linework admirable, it’s downright amazing, and makes me clamor for a Malki! drawn strip in the very near future. Make it so, sir!

Wondermark Sketch Courtesy of David Malki! Copyright 2008.


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