Zune Arts: The envelope, please!

The results are in! In order to make sure that the judging of our Lost Ones contest was as fair and impartial as possible, we used a guaranteed random system: We had my three-year-old niece, Nuala, pick the winner out of a bowl. Anyone who has been around a three-year-old knows that they are experts at randomizing the world around them, and Nuala is no exception.

As a result of this rigorous process, Jason Viola and Rachel Keslensky will each receive a deluxe limited edition of The Lost Ones, the collaborative webcomic written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and illustrated by Gary Panter, Dr. Revolt, Kime Buzzelli and Morning Breath.

If you weren’t the winner, don’t despair: You can still read The Lost Ones online (it’s a webcomic after all), although the Flash interface does leave something to be desired. And thanks to the Zune folks, who sponsored the webcomic and donated the print volumes as part of the Zune-Arts program, which supports emerging artists. I know a number of emerging and pre-emergent artists read this site, so keep your eye on these guys.


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