Reminder: The Lost Ones contest

I’m reposting in case you all were getting ready for SDCC and missed this: We’re giving away two limited-edition copies of The Lost Ones, the online graphic novel written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and illustrated by Dr. Revolt, Gary Panter, Kime Buzzelli and Morning Breath. The webcomic is sponsored by Zune Arts, which, yes, has something to do with Microsoft’s MP3 player of the same name. They’re sponsoring emerging artists, and the program has been getting some good buzz.

To enter, just comment to this post, or the previous one, with a suggestion for a webcomic for us to review. Yes, you can even propose your own. Give us some fresh content for our podcasts, and you may have a chance to win these lovely limited-edition graphic novels, complete with poster. But act now! The contest ends on August 5.


4 thoughts on “Reminder: The Lost Ones contest

  1. All right then; I submit my own!

    Last Resort is a cyberpunk furry webcomic (yes, such things exist!) featuring a series of criminals involved in a Galaxy-wide reality show trying to win their way out. There’s some volunteers among them as well (including Jigsaw Forte, a Violinist-turned-Vampire), the work is full-color, I’ve maintained a multiple-strip buffer on my comics since May 2007, (and speaking of the buffer, I’ve just finished drawing my 100th strip, which should appear online in… oh, October.)


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