Digital Strips 141 – Zuda Watch 5

It’s that time of the month again, and it a totally awesome way. This month’s Zuda crop struck us as stronger overall than months past and there was good stuff. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t find things to be mean about.

One of the big themes in this week’s show were summaries. Jason and I didn’t even realize there were summaries for the Zuda competitors (we both fear large blocks or text) but Brigid found herself referring to them often. We talk briefly about how summaries can be used properly and not so properly.

Once again, if the player is still being fussy (read: frustratingly stupid) Digital Strips 141can be found via clicking the blue words. We’ve got top men on it. Top men.


11 thoughts on “Digital Strips 141 – Zuda Watch 5

  1. I love your Zuda reviews! As someone who eventually wants to enter the contest, your reviews are very informative and all of you offer different points of view that I believe are representative of the vast majority of readers.
    I look forward to this podcast each month!

  2. hey guys. I’m matt, I drew the comic “gulch”. I listened to your podcast and thought it was entertaining. To be honest, we sorta did black and white on those pages just because I was lazy and didn’t really think I would ever get into the contest… This was also like, quite a while ago, so the art’s a bit dated… But yeah, if we were to win, future pages would all look better than the first page, which one of you guys seemed to think was good. They’d also be all full color.

    as for the story, I guess we just have no interest in trying to do a bunch of moronic exposition in 8 pages. We’re not big comic fans, we’re more movie fans. We’ll do the story we want and if the first 8 pages of that story don’t put everything into a perfect package, so be it. That just wasn’t our approach, we didn’t taylor the thing for the 8 page limitation.

    That’s not to say there aren’t valid criticisms to be made about the pacing, I agree we coulda done this in less than 8 pages easily. We sorta found out many months later we were going to be in Zuda, and we were like.. eh… this isn’t our favorite thing we’ve done… (in terms of execution, that is, we both quite like the overall concept) but so be it. 🙂

    BTW… It’s not two women, it’s one, she loses her wig and glasses in the explosion. 🙂 The dog is, infact, itself a bomb.

    thanks! 🙂


  3. oh.. and to the nice sounding young woman: we agree about the bra thing. we regret doing it that way. guess it was sorta a misguided attempt at fan service. that’s one of the many things we don’t like about these 8 pages. I hope we get the opportunity to show you future pages.

  4. These reviews were great. It’s nice to hear different perspectives.

    Thanks for the kind words about Vic Boone. Glad 2/3 of crew enjoyed it. And for the one that didn’t, thanks for saying “not Vic Boone” three or so times. Any mention is a good mention. 🙂

    Oh, by the way, none of the creators on Vic Boone have other work out there. This is our first real attempt. Thanks for thinking that we must, though.

    Again, really enjoyable reviews.

  5. I think you guys nailed strengths and weaknesses of all the comics. I have to say I agree with 90% of what you were saying.

  6. Hi folks…Andrew here from the Harvest War team. Thanks for taking the time to review the Harvest War along with the other Zuda competitors this month.

    I agree with a lot of your comments about our submission…we really struggled with how to show the breadth of our story in only 8 pages. In retrospect, I think the only way we could do that in this format would be to create pages designed exclusively for the pitch. What we’ve shown here was meant to be the first 8 pages of a book…unfortunately that’s not necessarily the best 8 pages to sell the idea.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the artwork…Kevin is a heck of an artist and we’re hoping to show more of his work soon.

    We would like to do more with the Harvest War one day, so hopefully you’ll see it again somewhere, possibly in a more suitable format.

    Thanks again for your comments…


  7. Wow guys, thanks for all the feed back on our feedback. Glad you folks enjoyed it. Entertainment is job one hear at Digital Strips.

    Brigid was very pleased to be a “nice young lady” again and I was just thrilled to know that we got this many comments on a single show.

    Best of luck to all of you in the competition.

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