DS 130: Zuda Reviews Watch 1

This week we bring you not one, not two but ten freaking reviews all rolled into one. That’s some pretty heavy lifting kids, don’t try it at home, we’re professionals. Sort of. In this episode we take a look at each of the competitors currently battling to the finish in this months Zuda competition.

For anyone not familiar with Zuda, its where many different competitors battle it out for readers love and affection. People pick which strips they like and support them and call people who like other strips mean names, then those people get mad and say that the original people are douchebags and then pretty soon everyone forgets that they should just be enjoying good comics, not making other people feel bad.

So really, it’s a lot like the rest of the Internet.

As we go through all ten strips there were very few that we all agreed on. Apparently there’s very little good enough for us all to like or bad enough for us to all hate. So there’s a pretty good mix on Zuda this time around. Let us help you slog through and find the strips that right for you. We’re real nice like that.


3 thoughts on “DS 130: Zuda Reviews Watch 1

  1. Glad you enjoyed it! I just wish we could have been doing it when High Moon was in the contest! We’ll be doing it again every month, so stay tuned for more!

  2. Thanks for the review of Black Cherry Bombshells.

    The initial 8 pages are just a pitch to hook an audience on our ideas. It sounds like you were digging on lots but the format was off for you.

    Hopefully with the freedom the Zuda contract affords us we’ll be able to concentrate more on pacing than just getting all our ideas out there.


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