The Kid’s Book Project ~IS~ Coming Soon

That’s right, the little book that could, The Kid’s Book Project, is coming soon and you still need to get your pre-order in! The talent list is an amazing one, truly making this a once-in-a-lifetime event. In the sixty pages of this charitable cause, you’ll find work from:

Ryan Estrada
Brandon J. Carr
Mitch Clem
Danielle Corsetto (more after the jump)

And many, many more! (Including yours truly!) And now, for the first time anywhere, we can give you a glimpse into the feel-good madness with the Liz Greenfield cover, both front and back! Help make a child’s wish come true by pre-ordering your copy of The Kid’s Book Project today!


1 thought on “The Kid’s Book Project ~IS~ Coming Soon

  1. Unfortunately the talented Dean Trippe is busy on another project so couldn’t do his page, however we do have the talents of Ryan North, Joe Dunn and Frank Page contained inside! And of course, like you said, many more!

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