[I]nsignificant Comics ~POSSIBLY~ Bad Choice Of Name

Ok, so I’m going to do what I can to make this about a new webcomic collective that has sprung up from the fresh soil of the Interwebs and not about the crushing onslaught of swill and crap the ‘Net brings about by being available to anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, or even disability.

Yep, I’m gonna try.

[i]nsignificant comics (no, I’m not certain why the brackets are necessary either) is a new collective which boasts two strips to it’s roster. This is not so much a feature as it is a secret, with a link to these lucky two being buried with the rest of the site navigation system. Yep, nary a picture, panel, or even logo to be found on the home page, save the Comic-Sans-ified site header.

Alright, this isn’t going very well. Check out this press release from the guys behind the site while I gather my thoughts:

[i]nsignifiant comics has opened it’s doors as the newest and coolest webcomic community on the block. Now you’re probably rolling your eyes, thinking, oh great, another group of arrogant pricks going around thinking they’re better than everybody else, well not this time! [i] is a comic collective for everybody, we don’t look at how big you are, or how great you are, we are open to anybody, so long as they keep their comic active and they aren’t being a jerk to anybody. We’ve recently launched our website and are open up to new members, we also offer ad-free hosting to anybody who needs a place to host their comic

So the purpose of this new community isn’t to provide quality webcomics, but rather to allow anyone and everyone the chance to find success with their best ideas. As a creator who was once afforded that same chance by a like mind, I can certainly appreciate the desire to help the creative process along. And the roster is at least 50% strong, with the strip, Gilgamesh, by Andrew B, offering a satirical take on the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt.

So does the Internet need another webcomic collective where the main goal is to provide cheap hosting to hopeful creators? No, there are plenty. Do I wish all involved with [i]nsignificant comics the best in their climb towards the top? Absolutely. But please, lose the brackets on the way.


1 thought on “[I]nsignificant Comics ~POSSIBLY~ Bad Choice Of Name

  1. I see quite a few members there that sent in submissions to Webcomic Idol, glad to see that they’ve got a home to call their own. Best of luck guys, community is a hard thing to build.

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