Tastefully Done 2008 Calendar ~IS~ …Done

When it comes to the Interwebs, being part of a project does not necessarily exempt one from talking about that very same project. Extensively. For weeks. It’s called pimping, and I’m about to do it myself.

Tastefully Done, that deliciously wonderful calendar of nearly nude webcomics characters and creators, is completed and ready to be purchased at your local Lulu retailer. Brainchilded by the influential Michael Rouse-Deane of Webcomics-In-Print infame, the hit calendar is in it’s second year and not showing any signs of a dress code (outside the one big rule, no big censored bars).

After the jump, you can find out that the colorfully-blinding nudity is provided by:

Do you see that list of talent? And it’s all nude, too! Just think of them all as a group of nevernudes who really wish they could show you everything and pick up your copy today, before 2008 gets here and you haven’t a clue what day it is!


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