PvP ~INVADES~ Xbox Live

We all know that there is a large overlap in the Venn diagram of geekdom between comics and video games. There’s a good chance that you, yes you, who are reading this very article, own a gaming console, be it Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo branded. Heck, I bet there’s even some who are browsing this write-up while using their game platform of choice.

Well, if that platform you’ve chosen is in the Xbox line and you’re also a fan of PvP, you might soil yourself when you find out the whole PvP gang has invaded your precious gaming space. Themes, gamerpics, and even the first episode of the cartoon series can all be found on Live as downloadables, provided you have the required points for each.

While I’ve never been one for paying for downloadable content (DLC), but the idea of Brent and Cole General Leein’ their way across my Xbox space makes me smile a small smile.  And, as with all things PvP, this is surely just the start of something bigger.

Now go! Redeem your points and brand your Xbox in the name of webcomics!


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