It’s Put Up Or Shut Up Time ~FOR~ Zuda Comics

If you’re as curious about this whole DC Comics Zuda line as I am, then you’ve been getting the e-mail blasts from time to time.  Mostly consisting of “Hey, we’re working on it and it’s getting closer to completion” missives, these have largely gone straight to my Trash box.  However, the latest message relays that Zuda is finally ready to go.

Starting next Tuesday, October the 30th, the first Zuda comic will be presented for your constructive and/or destructive tendencies to vote on as you see fit.  After much speculation and derision, the Zuda machine will finally be put to the test and whether you see it as a boon or a bane to webcomics, you owe it to yourself and the community at large to check it out next Tuesday.


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