Gary Trudeau Helps Soldiers Tell their Stories

I’m going to begin with an apology, not for the fact that this is the first you’ve heard from me for a couple weeks, but for the story not really being about Web comics. It is however about comics and about the Web so I hope you’ll forgive me.


I found this Washington Post article about Gary Trudeau, the man behind Doonesbury, and this new book he’s helped but together. It’s called The Sandbox: Dispatches from Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and is basically what it’s title proclaims it to be. For a year now, Doonesbury’s Web site has had a section that lets soldiers currently serving in Iraq post their thoughts, experiences and stories about what they’re going through. The book collects many of these stories and puts them all in an off line presentation more comfortable for many.


I hadn’t heard about this project until today. I don’t follow Doonesbury since I don’t get the newspaper anymore. I did peruse some of the posts before writing this up. There is some really powerful stuff up there, and you should check it out. As to the question of “Is this propaganda” that I’m sure some of you are thinking, I was able to find people with all different opinions on the war and how it is going so I don’t think so.


This got me thinking though, are there any Web comics out there by some one who has recently returned from the front lines, chronically their experience? I Googled Iraq War comic but all I got was political cartoons. I’m looking for more of a graphic journal of the experience. Let me know if you guys know of anything.


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