Singing Opera With Too Much Coffee Man

Although Too Much Coffee Man has been in my reading queue for quite some time I have never gotten around to reading it. This is likely going to change as Shannon Wheeler has gone beyond animation and puppets to bring you a full blown Opera. That’s down right artistic of him. The press release title does a nice job of summing up my reaction: “Improbable Marriage of Classical Music and Comic Book Characters Gives Birth to Caffeinated Opera”

Shannon Wheeler, at the Stumptown Comic Fest, discussed the SEQUEL to the first opera based on his webcomic. There’s a sequel? Why didn’t anyone tell me about the original? The first Opera received its premiere performance at the Portland Center in October 2006. The production was a hit with local audiences and critics that not only sold out the four nights it was performed but an additional 2 nights that were added. Thus you can understand why it is returning to the PCPA for an extended engagement in April 2008. The musical score, written by Emmy Award winning composer Daniel Steven Crafts, will be musically directed by Joseph Prather, known for his collaborations and performances with Portland Opera, Portland State University and Central City Opera in Colorado.

The first and second parts of the opera will be performed together, making it a 2 act 2-hour performance. The original performers are returning with the of some new players.


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