Wow(io) Those Are Big

I’ve wanted to write about Wowio for a while now and a recent explosion of adds pimping the Web Comic Sore Thumbs collections (and considering the amount cleavage in said advertising, I think pimping is the perfect word for it) appearing of various site’s Project Wonderful banners has given me the excuse I’ve been looking for.


If you haven’t tired Wowio yet, go give it a try. I’ve been using it regularly for a few months now and have nothing but good things to say about it. I even the name, it’s fun to say. Try it. Wowio. I bet you’re smiling right now.

If you haven’t heard of Wowio, it’s a relatively new site that offer few e-book downloads. That alone would be cool. They have a decent and growing selection and e-books, while no replacement for real books (especially when it comes to bathroom reading, which is about the only reading I get down most days) are great for reading at work or in low light conditions.


But what I really enjoy about Wowio is all the great comic books they have. There’s a lot of really good stuff from some of the more “indie” publishers. I’ve been exposed to a lot of things that I would be able to read otherwise and I’m really loving it. As mentioned before they’re now carrying collections of Sore Thumbs. The 3D fantasy DreamLand Chronicles is up there too. I’m hoping more Web comic collections will be popping up in the near future.


Head on over and check it out. You do have to register but so far the only e-mails I’ve received have been with the links to my downloads. The site makes all it’s money from pdf adds at the front of your download so there’s nothing too obtrusive. For starters I’d recommend the Lullaby series. I’m almost done with it and I love it. I think many of you will too (and those who don’t probably wet the bed).


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