That Ferret Sure Can Play The Piano

One of these days some guy named Jack is going to come along and wake us all up and we’re going to realize the sleeping giant that is Blind Ferret. Randy and Ryan seem to be everywhere now a days with some new plot to bring webcomics to the animated screen. The first big venture hit us with a big greasy side of bacon in the form of CAD Premium. The hubbub over that gave us a good month’s worth of news and I have yet to see it. (Did someone say free press pass? Oh, that was just my wet dream.) Piggy backing on that news Least I Could Do gave us a teaser for a LICD show along the same lines but alas it has yet to appear.

When I watched that trailer there was this little voice in the back of my head (I’m told they’re real now) saying there was some kind of pattern here. Well next we had PVP Alive wrapped up into a series that has had its fair share of back and forth on this sight. Seven episodes in and there’s a little announcement that had me wailing for the LICD show but squealing with delight once I finished going through all the material. The big news?

Blind Ferret Entertainment Announces Looking For Group: The Movie

Blind Ferret will be developing an animated film based on Looking For Group. LFG, the story of young Cale’Anon, an elf of questionable background, and his newfound band of unlawful companions, mixes parody and fantasy into a fantastically amusing tale filled with humor and adventure. I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t had a chance to read LFG but no force on this planet could stop from clicking on the link to the trailer. The movie is cashing in on the popularity of the two animated series above to take that next step and develop a feature film. It will be 75 minutes of never before seen animation scheduled for release in 2008.

Now I know why the ferret wears the blind fold. His future is so bright he has to wear…


3 thoughts on “That Ferret Sure Can Play The Piano

  1. Who performs the song for Least I Could Do? This is one of the most exciting promos I seen! Really gets you interested. The animation is actually fluid too!

  2. Hey folks,

    Lar here – artist for BFE.

    Thanks for the kind words. To answer Andrew, Richard is voiced by Dave Mitchell, a wondefully talented professional voice actor. Check him out on Myspace (myspace (dot) com (slash) 180346157 ) where he blogs about his work and even about getting started in the industry.

    LICD:TAS is still in the works too. It turns out developing property for television is a mind bogglingly SLOW process. We’re currently forecasting 2009 for an airdate, but don’t expect us to be quiet in the intervening time. 😉


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