DS 122: Review of Lucid TV

Digital Strips Show 122
Digital Strips : Show 122
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When Brandon was invited originally it was inhopes that he would pick webcomics better then Phil. This pick proves that even those with good taste falter sometimes. For the 80% of the listeners that disagree with my taste in comics you’ll probably love this sadistic version of Scrubs.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Lucid TV by John Tiberius Keogh, David Rothlein, and Ross Hutchinson Aries Armstrong IIV Jr.
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    2 thoughts on “DS 122: Review of Lucid TV

    1. Phil and Brandon – Thank you for the kind words.

      Daku – Different strokes, different folks (e.g. our opinion of Scrubs is similar to yours of our comic.) No hard feelings, and thank you for being more than civil on an internet where it’s common to see comics torn to pieces for lesser transgressions than bad taste.

      on strip 103 – it’s just cream cheese.

      About not being a Dresden Codak – agree 100%

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