Webcomic Powers Unite At SDCC

We’re in the middle of the Convention season and the biggest one of them all is mere moments away. No matter how many other conventions come along to support webcomics this convention is still held as the pinnacle. San Diego is the one where all of comics show themselves despite upstarts in New York and at Wizard. It has the Eisner’s, Heroes, and Neil Gaiman. How can you resist?

This year is going to see one of the biggest web comic gatherings yet and they are all joining forces in one place. Through careful planing the guys at Abismo/Nerve Bomb, Blank Label Comics, Dayfree Press, Dumbrella, Keenspot, Penny Arcade, PvP, Rooster Teeth and Studio Foglio have all managed to get tables beside each other to show a united front on aisle 1300. If only every convention lined up our potential interviewees like this. From DS our very own Phil will be attending and he will be sure to grab some interviews with each of these and then post them next year.

Admittedly I have mixed feelings about such shows of collaboration. I never know what to think as it could mean any number of things. Are webcomics so small that they need to band together to show they’re still kicking? What happens if because they are together they get skipped as attendees wonder in other areas? On the flip side though those who do come by are likely to be potential readers of all the other web comics. Not to mention each of these guys can hold their own candle, which completely answers each of the questions above. Perhaps the part I would find interesting is how close the guys are to DC and if anyone there could comment on Zuda. Anyways this SDCC promises to be just as exciting as all the rest and I’m jealous of everyone that is going.


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