Three Panel Martyr

The reason I'm always so slow about reporting stuff is I never seem to hear it first hand. Actually I don't always get it second hand either. I got today's story from Extra Life who linked to Diesel Sweeties who go it straight from the horse's mouth (or at least linked to it). So if this is the first you've heard of it, you're getting it fourth hand.

Basically the guys from MacHall started a new comic, Three Panel Soul. I read through the small archieve today, it's pretty good. Apparently Matt got fired for talking about guns at work and then got in even more trouble for making a comic about it. Read Rich Stevens account of what happened. He's already summed it up well and links to the comics as it goes.

Okay you all caught up now? Good.

I just want to say this is bull crap. Matt has gone through what can only be describe as a double screw-job. Are people really so eager to ascribe blame that they'll throw it at anyone they don't understand? It looks like yes, yes they are. I know Web comics are a new medium, but people should be able to tell right away that they're not terrorist tools. I swear, people are dumb.

Anyway, I hope Matt doesn't get in any real trouble and this whole thinks just goes away so he can keep making comics and living his life.


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