Interest Piquers: Week of Spider-Man 3 ~OR~ Bursting With Webcomicky Goodness

End of week? Check.

Tons of webcomic news to sludge through? Check.

Interest Piquers? Check!

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday! Have you already made plans to go to your local comic shop and support the cause? Included in that cause: see if you can’t convince the uninitiated to carry more mainstream webcomic comic books like PvP and Hero By Night. It’s the gateway to a world of wonder! Tell them that and then comment here with the EXACT facial expression they present in return. My guess would be intense indifference.

– Not to be outdone, Online Comics Day is May 5th! Stop by the site and read the About tab to see how you, yes you, can make this event bigger and bigger with each passing year!

– Steve Campbell (of Turn Signals on a Land Raider and Every Nine Minutes) and Larry Merrill (of Toyzville) want you to know about their upcoming webcomic, The Boids! Here’s the buzz, straight from Steve:

The Boids is the story of Flock Unit 2A-6, known to his pals as 'Boid.' Boid is a member of a flock of experimental robot birds that were built at a local university to study the way birds coordinate their flight patterns in large flocks. Boid becomes separated from his robot flock during a storm and decides to seek out a new flock among real birds in the park.

Boid is equipped with many interesting gadgets and capabilities and he learns to use them in defense of his new family. Of course, there is more to Boid than meets the eye which leads to hilarious consequences for the birds, as well as the animals and people around them. Hilarious! Did I mention that The Boids is hilarious? Probably, since I write it and Larry draws it, and we are biased.

So there you have it! Personally, I love the premise and am curious to see how the pair carries it in the coming weeks! Check out The Boids when it launches Monday, May 7th, and give Steve and Larry your kindest (or harshest) words!

– The Kid’s Book update: Out of a total goal of 200 preorders, the total thus far is very low, so get your preorder in today! Ten of the 58 pages have been completed and Michael Rouse-Deane tells me that the book is coming together swimmingly. There’s also now a nice, skinny banner you can paste to your own site in support of the effort. Stop by The Kid’s Book site for that and all other updates and remember, a portion of the proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation!

– The Comic Book Challenge 2007 is on! Go here for the official contest rules and submission guidelines and good luck! DJ Coffman, the winner of last year’s challenge with his superbly modern tale of superheroism, Hero By Night, is even offering some tips on how to submit like a champ, so check those out and get to submittin’! The deadline is May 31st.

Bomb Shelter Comics and Transplant Comics have gotten bored. The result? A comic sketch battle to end it all! End what? Um… the boredom, I guess.

The match-ups are ready, all they need is your suggestions! Each week, a theme will be assigned and one artist from each collective will draw what he or she thinks would best represent said theme. Then you vote, determining who you think is best! The winner will be crowned The King of Webcomic Collectives! … erm, Between These Two Collectives! Comment below with your suggestions and be a part of this monumentously occasional occasion!

– Wil Wheaton, star of Star Trek: The Next Generation (enduring in all our hearts as young Wesley Crusher) and recent guest-voice on PvP: The Series, has been chosen to keynote the upcoming Penny Arcade Expo 2007 (PAX)! The (in)famously chic geek is a perfect fit for the show, which runs from Aug. 24-26, and should make for a rousing start to a fun weekend!

– Renee Katz of my recent webcomic joy, The Nineteenth-Century Industrialist, has been interviewed over at Jack’s Webcomic Reviews and Such…!? Nope, I never heard of it before, either.? But Jack does a good job tossing Renee the hard questions and I dig the name Jack, so check it out and then be sure to pull-list TNCI!

That’s it for this week!? I’m off to catch the third Spider-Man outing so I can judge the intensely emo content myself.? Until next week, be good and if you can’t do something right, do it Midnight!


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