DS 116: Review of Animals Have Problems Too

Digital Strips Show 116
Digital Strips : Show 116
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It’s not often we review a single panel comic and this one is a doozy. The Geek decided to make me read 400 of these and there were so few of them I liked but there was plenty to talk about. Join us as figure out all the hidden secrets that make this strip worth reading.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Animals Have Problems Too by Zach VandeZande
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    1 thought on “DS 116: Review of Animals Have Problems Too

    1. Yay! The roll-out of the entries for the 2007 “We Love Web Comics” contest has happened!

      All those people who didn’t enter don’t know what they missed: I didn’t win, and my hits STILL went up 600% from the link — literally. Thanks, guys!

      Two more things.

      It is pronounced MEEM-sink, Daku. 😉

      And, to keep the record straight: although I did enter last year’s “We Love Web Comics” contest, I wasn’t the winner then, either. The previous winner was Mike Laidman, of Mike's Stupid Comics.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my entry. I intend to try again in the 2008 contest.

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