Robot Raptors are Science

I’ve noticed I started a lot of posts with apologies for the long period of time since the last one. I’ve decided not to do that this time, largely because I doubt I’d mean it. I’m becoming sort of a jerk.

Anyway, I just going to drop a quick link here to Randall Munroe’s ‘ the creator of XKCD report on his lecture at MIT. From what I could tell from his blog post and can imagine from these pictures, it looks like it was one heck of a good time. According to Slashdot, the audience was bombarded by balls. Sometimes I hate not being? on the East Coast. Usually not, but sometimes.

I hate tell you how cool I think it is that MIT had Munroe to speak. MIT is like Mecca for guys like me, and to know that there is a Web comic (although perhaps no Web comic is better suited for MIT students than XKCD) has such great sway there is pretty cool to me.

Well that’s it, no hard news from me, just wanted to prove I still read Web comics.


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