Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me I Forgot the Title?

Another comic, this time looking at a possible reason for the lack of turn out for our contest. How’d I do? I’m I getting warmer? Are you guys just holding out for a chance to kick one of us in the junk? Is that what you people really want?


2 thoughts on “Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me I Forgot the Title?

  1. Three thoughts:

    First, no, that would not interest me very much. I’m still not happy with my old entry to the “Goodbye Zampson” contest.

    Second, wouldn’t this technically exclude Brigid and Jerry as well as Daku?

    Third, I have absolutely no useful ideas of why the turnout was low. Maybe the next challenge should be to draw a stip showing how to get 100 participants in the contest (“So, our theme is to show us what our theme should be?” “Uhm, yeah….”).

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