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OK, this is seriously cool: Postmodern Haircut is a webcomic devoted entirely to the linguist/political activist/media critic Noam Chomsky.

While Chomsky fans will probably get bigger laughs out of this, Postmodern Haircut dips into a universal well for its humor: In the comic, Chomsky is portrayed as a clueless academic with a smart-alecky dog, Predicate, who sometimes serves as a reality check and sometimes just sells him out.

I could see Chomsky providing enough material for a single comic, or maybe two, but cartoonist Jeffrey Weston has managed to spin his subject matter out for 20 episodes, with more to come. His riffs include a Noam Chomsky doll that corrects your grammar, a Noam Chomsky board game (it’s like Monopoly, only you have to overthrow the capitalist system to win), and the sequel to the documentary about Chomsky, Manufacturing Consent, in which the producers go Hollywood and Chomsky ends up being portrayed by Bruce Willis.

The art is straightforward, almost generic, black-and-white cartoon art, with pretty good caricatures of Chomsky and his arch-enemy, Christopher Hitchens. The site is plain vanilla as well, with no ads, no artist info, not even an “about” page, just links to the first, previous, and next comics and another comic by Weston, Kurtz & Gary, which is OK but, let’s face it, not about a famous intellectual.

(Found via Purity Brown.)


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