How Far Can You Walk Into an Achewood?

Time to clean out the gutters and make some announcements. First, if you have been listening to the Podcast you already know this, the next Talkcast is being delayed for a week due to scheduling conflicts. This will be the review of the highly regarded yet officially ignored (by Myself and Brandon) strip of Achewood. We’ve been rounding up the guests to debate to figure out why this strip is so loved and reviled at the same time so come join us on March 14th for our second live show.

Sugarskull – A new collective has been created. The name tells you nothing about the strips but they are all young and mostly about creepy things that scream in the night. The list of comics includes Vampirates, The Awakened, Goodbye Chains, and newer comic The Reader by Sarah Glidden and Keeps by David Patty. Apparently they’ve also been linked to by Warren Ellis.

Transient – A.P. Furtado has started a new 24 page short story called TRANSIENT where he takes a hard look into the great mystery that is life and death. So you don't think 2007 is going to be a year of deep thought and inward reflection there's also a blue alien, a cosmic hippie, and a bit of cannibalism.

Theater Hopper – Tom Brazelton gets some lovin. Back on Valentine’s Tom Brazelton took a hiatus to welcome the birth of his first child try to fill those weeks with guest strips. Tom went out on a limb and asked Penny Arcade if they were interested in contributing and to his surprise Jerry Holkins offered to lend a hand! Deviating slightly from the norm, Jerry has provided a hilarious guest essay about fatherhood, human waste and yes… movies.

Eyeskream – Got a webcomic? Eyeskream is in search for the next and final online comic to join its collective. The roster will be completed once the twentieth member joins. Submit your webcomic right now! The deadline is March 28th. Good luck.

Bored and Evil – Richard Kirsch wants everyone to know about an organization called the The St. Baldrick’s Foundation which is raising money for kids cancer research. He is shaving his head in solidarity with children who have cancer and typically lose their hair during treatment, while raising critical funds for childhood cancer research. His goal is to raise $1,000 and he could use all the help you can send his way.


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