Digital Strips: Brinkerhoff ~OR~ It’s Brink Day!

DS cast as Brinkerhoff characters

Just as my diminutive counterpart in this strip announces, with all the good news coming Gabe Strine’s way, it was high time someone did a tribute to the template-based, tiny-typed, smooth-lined characters of Brinkerhoff!

I must say, after creating the templates for each character, a process which involved nary a use of the Wacom pen and lasted about four hours total, whipping up a strip using any of these seven characters would be cake. Good thing Gabe uses sharp wit and great writing to prove he still has a place atop the webcomic greats.

So whaddaya say, Gabe? Am I violating any copyrights by using these cute lil’ fellas again? Or would you pay me for the rights to use them yourself?


3 thoughts on “Digital Strips: Brinkerhoff ~OR~ It’s Brink Day!

  1. What a nice surprise on a Sunday morn’.
    Does this officially make me inspiring, somehow? Scary.
    Nice job. I’d comment more, but I’ve got comics to write.

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