DS 109: Review of Gunnerkrigg Court

Digital Strips Show 109
Digital Strips : Show 109
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This is big week for us. We’re getting ready for our biggest presence at a Con yet with Phil, Brandon, Brigid, and myself all in attendance. There’s also the start of our third annual We Love Web Comics contest and some choice words for WCCA. I don’t like being annoyed and you’ll shocked by how I rebound. All this big news items can only be followed up by surprise recommendation from Barry Gregory. A truely unique strip that always amazes. Join us as we explore the halls of Gunnerkrigg Court.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell
  • New York Comic Con
  • 2007 Web Cartoonist’s Choice Awards presented by Ryan Estrada
  • We Love Web Comics 2007
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    4 thoughts on “DS 109: Review of Gunnerkrigg Court

    1. “The Wiccas”? I suppose that works.

      You know guys, instead of making your Slam Awards, why not just do a more positive one? It’s not like the WCCAs have a monopoly on glad-handing.

    2. The Wiccas came from Ryan's presentation and it worked for me. I love Welton.

      We've had some debate for awhlie among ourselves and some of readers and originally we were going to do a more positive one. For all intensive purposes though Mark is doing a decent job if only he's a little strapped for resources. In addition I'm not sure web comics is yet big enough to support two awards and I also don't have the resources to do it right.

      That's where this second idea came from. We're really not looking for a slam but actually to have fun with ourselves. Part of the criteria for being nominated will require a certain number of readers to qualify and in the end we hope to point out to younger strips the pitfalls to avoid.

      What does everyone else think? I haven’t begun anything yet and I'm totally winning to turn everything around to have something like the Grammys. I will just need a lot more help then I was expecting.

    3. 100% agree William. We scratched that award as soon as we finished the podcast. The thing is though that I might actually be able to do an award show. While at NYCC I made some contacts which may help get something at SDCC.

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