DS 107: Review of Zed Reckoning

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We’re back with another contestant of the Webcomic Idol. This time with another Zombie strip because you can never have enough Zombies. Oh wait, apparently Zombie is not the political correct terminology for our sentient yet dead reality challenged friends. Find out from Phil the correct term and that he actually liked one of my picks. Thus we present to you Zed Reckoning.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Zed Reckoning by DarkZombieMutt
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    1 thought on “DS 107: Review of Zed Reckoning

    1. Awesome! Thanks for the review fellas! Though reviewing me when I havent done the strip in 1 1/2 months isn’t teaching me anything good about deadlines, I should be punished.
      About the Gimp comment, I thought at first I had mentioned that in a place someone would have seen, but I think ive only refered to him as a gimp on 1 art forum. The idea for calling him a gimp comes a nod I was making to Pulp Fiction. I’m sure its all obvious by now, Zed and the Gimp, not to mention the suitcase with what in it? And Gimp or “Ground Imp” was to be an insult to the imps. Now I may just not do it cuz of you guys.
      As for the other stuff you mentioned, I’ll do my best to get you off all my testies about the side scroll. It’s so tiny on my screen at home, so I dont realize that more peoples ‘puters are totally last century.
      You guys made some good points about whats wrong with the strip, I’ll do my best to address them if time permits week to week.

      MATT MUNN.

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