Live! Tonight! 10/9 Central! Midnight vs. Kurtz! ~OR~ The Gauntlet? Thrown Down.

Man. Am I glad I sought that low ground before hitting that “Publish” button. Thanks to all who came to my aid, it allowed me and my wife just enough time to escape the wrath of Kurtz (sadly, her parents, my in-laws, perished in the flames). But lo, what’s this? A challenge has been put forth! Behold!

I challenge the midnight cartoonist to come onto my live podcast
tomorrow evening to discuss his article regarding me and the WCCAs.

The podcast is tomorrow at 9pm central time.

Do you accept or flee?

Is there any other answer?? For the good of the people, and at the cost of my own life… I accept!? Be there, tonight, 10/9 Central, LIVE! on Talkshoe!? Find the PvP Talkcast and there you will find… a battle for the ages.


19 thoughts on “Live! Tonight! 10/9 Central! Midnight vs. Kurtz! ~OR~ The Gauntlet? Thrown Down.

  1. You’d better wear your MAN-JAMAS because Scott will likely eat you alive on a live podcast, or mock the shit out of you. Or both.

    Shouldnt that podcast be about the new animated series and not all of this horses shit?

  2. Self-deprecating humor? Funny.

    Implying that someone ELSE wears tights and a cape? Not so much.

    Unless he actually DOES, in which case, hats off to you, Mr. Manley!

  3. [ REVIEWING USER D.J. Coffman ]
    Found 1 insult related to: homosexuality _
    Needless ad hominem attack: VALIDATED _
    Current ad hominem insult total: 3,058 _

    Awaiting fat joke ] _

  4. Many thanks to you, Midnight for coming on to the show last night and being so cool. I really enjoyed our talk and I feel like all sides of the issue were discussed. You really helped make some great “radio.”

    It felt good to have one friend defend me, and testify from personal experience how so many of my supposed “peers” have turned on me based solely on any success I might achieve.

    It felt even better to have another friend chastise me for making a statement that was clearly intended to shock and in the process would do nothing more than cloud anything poignant I had to say. Kris is right, the burden of understanding is on the person expressing himself, not in the people interpreting.

    I said it poorly, but I stand by my disdain for most of the people in the webcomics “community.” I feel wrongly attacked and ostracized by many there and I think a lot of what goes on in those circles are petty and horrible. I receive a lot legitimate flak from people. I end up generating a lot of my own conflicts. But I received the same amount of flak, if not more, for doing the same things everyone else is doing. Not just negative things, but positive things too (aka, participating in the daily grind, etc).

    I think it’s ballsy for Chad Diaz to attack me or make some public statement about his loss of respect for me. He’s a person who (whether he’s apologized since or not) actively participated in unjust bashing of me. He’s a participant in the atmosphere that makes me hate webcomics. But now he wants to scold me for having a blanket disdain for everyone involved in the community. That’s pretty brazen if you ask me.

    If my friends in webcomics represent the best of the community, and Chad represents the middle ground, then DJ represents the worst this group has to offer the world.

    D.J. The fact that you were able to tell Kris that he’s “digested my cock” is unbelievable and the height of hypocrisy. I’m not even sure how your mouth was able to form the words with Rosenberg’s dick so deep down your OWN throat.

    You are at best everything you claim to hate in me, and at worst you’re a vile homophobe. You seem to be confusing “honesty” with giving yourself a license to be a total asshole. But I take comfort knowing that the majority of the people who read these threads see so obviously your true nature and motivation. It’s not something I feel I have to convince others of. You’re late to every webcomics fray and when you arrive all you have in your holsters are gay and fat jokes.

    If I never heard from or about you again, It would improve my world. Unfortunately, I know we will hear from you again, once Platinum secures the licensing rights to produce comics for The Starland Vocal Band or better yet, Styx.

    Many thanks again to TMC and Digital Strips. Thanks for helping make last night such a fantastic show.

  5. Wow.. and to think I actually made nice in the other thread a little —

    Look Scott, my problem with YOU was something else ENTIRELY. You should listen to Kris more often dude. You could have let this WHOLE FUCKING THING DROP, but you’ve stirred it again for some reason. I just don’t GET THAT. I respond to your comments, and that’s it.

    You guys have a good sense of humor, but just like you say you’re joking about shit or saying things in jest, you might want to pause and think a second. I said he DIGESTED your dick, because he headed me off at the pass knowing I would just say he was hanging from your nuts.

    Which… honestly, I don’t believe. You guys are funny motherfuckers. You make a good team, you’re friends… I dont think HE or anyone else is riding your jock or success or whatever. That’s not my bag at all. If we’re going to put it all out there, I kinda had a problem with you after we’d get along on the phone, bullshit about all sorts of topics from the stupid Daily Grind thing to comics publishing shit, etc. There are things you told me, which you openly mocked and stuff, that I STILL won’t disclose publically because i promised YOU I wouldn’t and they effect someone else I respect a great deal. — After the Platinum contest thing, I defended Platinum, and you attacked them viciously constantly without even giving them a chance– and you turned on me on a fucking dime (it sure felt like)….. you went from being this cool cartoonist I knew and talked to on the phone, or joked with— to a total NUTJOB online.

    So… anyway DUDE. No hard feelings to you, and HONESTLY. Motherfucking HONESTLY– if hearing my name gives you grief, I’m sorry. And that’s fucking sad that you’d let anything I’d say get to you or under your skin. We probably don’t mix because in more ways than one, we’re a lot alike. I’m happy with my successes (and complete failures!) and I hope that you can maybe sit and fucking meditate like a monk or some shit and really PONDER your behaviour from an outside point of view.

  6. Yeah, I participate in a community called Bomb Shelter Comics and we did ONE negative thing and you run with it. I’m proud of being a BSC member because despite how you’d like to paint us as these hateful creatures, we actually bring something GOOD to the community instead of turning on it. The ‘Webcomic Idol’ was a positive experience for a lot of people and put the spotlight on a lot of great comics.

    Keep trying to find that justification and sympathy, Kurtz. Good luck.

  7. Chad, I thought we JUST had an e-mail and secret handshake about not responding anymore? What giveS!?

  8. Hmm. I remember someone once said that the best metaphor for webcomics is a snake eating itself; given the sheer number of times that cock-sucking has been mentioned, I can’t help but think there’s something to that statement.

    As for the Bomb Shelter Comics thing, I’m one of the founders. I can tell you that the goal of our group is not to stir up shit, and that one podcast was a mistake, an honest to god fuck-up. We’ve apologized repeatedly for it, banished the podcast to oblivion, and erased its very existence. We’ve eaten crow, and we honestly regret it and feel bad that this happened. How about letting it DROP? Seriously, Scott – we tried to make peace. Hell, I invited you to be a judge on Webcomic Idol, in part to bury the hatchet and because I thought that getting critiques from an Eisner winner would have really made the finalists’ day – that it would have been something special for them. If people bitched about you on that, you could be damn sure that we would have stepped up and defended you. That situation did arise, when Xerexes wrote about one of the contestants on Comixpedia before the contest ended. We put up with a shit-storm and stood by our judge. We would have done that for you, too. We’re not bad guys, here, Scott – we just made one mistake.

  9. Scott and I and Kris just got off the phone together– I think it was a constructive conversation and we worked out a lot of shit and it feels like a monkey off my back now. And now I can say I had a threeway with Straub and Kurtz.

  10. Yeah. I’m really tired of what the webcomics community can turn into sometimes. We all have better things to do, and we’re all guilty of wanting to see a fight, or get into one. It was important to talk on the phone and see that the other guys are not monsters. I don’t feel dirty anymore, I feel renewed.

    And DJ can work the taint.

  11. If I hate the pettyness in webcomics so much then I need to stop contributing to it. Kris was really trying to explain that to me last night. I’m glad we talked today, DJ.

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