Roosters don’t have Teeth, but their Comic’s got Bite

It's officially Fall now. Leaves are clogging gutters across the country, the World Series has started (go Yankees, by the way) and sweet sweet candy is available at holiday prices.

Along with all these other signs of winter's approach, many Internet sites that took the summer off are back in session. My personal favorite that has just started back up is the machinima series Red vs. Blue (not a Web comic, I know, I'm getting to that part) by Rooster Teeth productions.

After watching the first episode of the new season Monday, I scrolled down through the news archive to see what has been happening other over the summer. Imagine my glee when I saw that while the rest of us were scoping babes at the beach, the good people at Rooster Teeth started a Web comic (see I told you).

I'm sure this is old news for some people but it was new to me and it got me really excited for a couple reasons.

1) It's a decent Web comic. So far it's not as good as their cartoon series, but they've been doing that for four years now. I like the art style and the direction they're heading looks good. Plus it's going up on a site I check weekly anyway so it adds no hassle to my day.

2) It shows that no one can resist the allure of Web comics. RvB is a huge Internet phenomenon. They have more fans than many network TV shows. They are already big trucks on the information superhighway and yet, they felt the need to be characters in a comic. If these guys can't resist the sirens' call, the rest of us don't stand a chance. Go ahead though, now you're justified.

3) The strip isn't actually done by any of the original Rooster Teeth people. They brought two new people on for the project. The strip is written by Sugarmonkey and is drawn by Luke McKay, there by spreading success around a little. I'm all for that.

If you haven't read the strip go check it out. If you haven't watch watched RvB before, punch yourself in the stomach and then go check it out.


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