Interest Piquers #9 ~OR~ Penny Arcade STILL #1

When I was introduced to webcomics about four years ago, it was Penny Arcade, PvP, and Sinfest. Now, hip-deep in the best and brightest the web has to offer, those three are still on my daily pull-list, with PA being the only one I ROTFLOL at every single time.

So it’s only fitting that, with all the other news already reported, I give Gabe and Tycho their due with a mention of the additions (updates?) to their repertoire. If you’d like to glimpse all the other news items of the week, check my previous post for the News Slam. Copyright soon to follow.

  • Downloadable Content, the PA equivalent to walking around in the twisted minds of Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, is back and better than ever! Ok, so it’s pretty much the exact same as it was before, but when you enjoy the strip as much as I (and I’m guessing a couple other folks) do, learning the method to the madness is an insight you can’t pass up. The transcription/explanation of the minutes of each session in the corresponding news slice is just icing on the cake.
    Haven’t seen enough? Want more? The visual half of the dynamic duo is represented in even more behind-the-scenes/added bonus features-like extras with GabeArt (don’t look at me, Firefox’s magical renaming toolbar came up with it). Replacing the old PA sketch dump, this spot of blog is a good place to go and feel insecure about your own artistic abilities. If nothing else the quick sketches remind me that I have a drawing table in desperate need of attention, leading me to start doing warm-up sketches every morning to keep the imagination limber and reflexes sharp. Inspiration comes from all sources, folks. Gotta be vigilant!

I almost wish I could hate PA so I could loathe these extensions of the franchise even more. Almost.


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