Time To Win Some Cool Stuff ~OR~ Least I Could Do Street Team Contest

You can’t say webcomics never gave you anything in return. Ryan Sohmer and Lar DeSouza (webcomic friend!) are running a genius marketing ploy over at Least I Could Do. Check the site for the full details of how you can enter to win such prizes as an X-Box 360 or a Macbook Pro, but here’s the short and skinny.

Basically, the guys are gearing up for their annual advertising push. The numbers LICD pull in daily are greater than most webcomic artists could ever hope for, so this particular surge is taking a chance and targeting something different. You’ve no doubt heard of street teams and know of their goals; to quickly assemble and spread the word about whatever product they’ve chosen to support. This tried-and-true formula is now being applied to webcomics.

Do you have a friend? Then you can enter. All you have to do is enter your info, offer up a friend for sacrifice (i.e. give their e-mail address), read a few strips (not hard if you already read the stellar work the two produce) and wait for the prizes to start rolling in.

Are your friends not into the whole webcomics thing? Even better! Get them involved! Get the word out there! Get as many “straights” integrated as you can, let’s talk MASSIVE conversion here, people! You can even belong to as many teams as you want, so your chances to win are only limited by your number of friends/acquaintances/passers-by.

Hey Lar! Wanna enter?


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