Taking 24 hour Comics to the World

Well it's over. The annual 24 hour comic day have come and gone again. It happened on Saturday the 8th. I'll admit I hardly noticed this time. In years past some big names have gone all out and posted some great work spawned from the event.

This year, I saw a few mentions of it but so far nothing major has been posted on any of the sites I frequent. Scott Kurtz posted a few pages he did but by his own admission he didn't go all out this year. If anyone has posted 24 hour comics, I'm sorry I missed it. Stick a link in the comments and I'll check it out. I love this sort of stuff.

So here it is Wednesday and I'm thinking the whole event must have been a bust this year. But then I happened on this site, which served as kind of a hub for the event world wide. People are still sending in shots from their events that were hosted all over the world. At last count they have record of over 1200 people participating.

That's just awesome. I really enjoyed seeing that many people getting together to draw, discuss and just plain enjoy comics. I read some of the stories sent in (some I didn't, because I couldn't) and it seems like a lot of fun was had. That's what comics are all about anyways. Knowing what I know now, this year was definitely a success.

Anyone out there who didn't participate in the event this year, don't worry, you're still cool. At least as cool as I am. These people are just cooler. You can always hold your own event at anytime, I'll still read what you post. Just don't expect the world to draw along with you.

In other news Comixpedia is holding their Fright Night contest again. Sounds like fun, all you creator types out there should give it a looksee.


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