A Label That Is Anything But Blank

Brad is probably wondering what has happenned to all the news he has been sending me. It probably has something to do with getting the flu for the first time in over 5 years, so here\’s my warning to all of you out there. Stay away from those sickos out there because they can really ruin your week.

Sheldon – Two MONTHS ago I get word that Dave Kellett was invited to be the 'Cartoonist in Residence' at the Charles M. Schulz Museum on Saturday, December 9th. In a format designed to build 'an understanding of cartoonists and cartoon art,' Kellett will be cartooning live explaining how cartoonists approach their unique artform. Kellett will also be signing copies of his first Sheldon collection, 'Pure Ducky Goodness.' The following day, Sunday, Dec. 10th, Kellett will be appearing at the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum to once again take people through the creation of a cartoon with live demonstrations, questions and answers, and a step-by-step, informal lecture.

Brad Guigar – Brad Guigar Cellibrated his 2000th post on Oct 3rd. A feat that will live on in infamy as one of the greatest web comic events of all time. Seriously this means that Brad has been posting online since February 2000 with Greystone Inn which ended last year with the launched of Evil Inc, a daily comic about a corporation run for and by super-villains, which runs on the Web and in newspapers.

Schlock Mercenary – It's sale time! For just $10.00 you can pick up the first Schlock Mercenary book, Under New Management over at the new Schlock Mercenary Bookstore. 'What's the occasion?' you ask. Well Howard Taylor is testing a new storefront and the new shipping options. He needs to get all the bugs worked out before openning pre-orders for the next Schlock Mercenary book, and that means taking the store out for something more demanding than just a test-drive.


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